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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Award & Goodbyes

Wow. You girls make it way to hard to say goodbye. Yes, that's right. I'm saying goodbye. Not forever though, just to Doll Page. I made a new blog, Crafting with Kitty if you still want to support me and see my posts. I you don't really care that I'm leaving, then so long!
Dolls don't really interest me anymore, but crafts have always stolen my heart. I'm keeping this blog up on the web incase you or I want to look back a the posts.
I would really love it if you check out my new blog and recommend it to friends.
American Girl Northwest has nominated me for an award, so I'm going to answer the questions.
1. How did you discover AG?
Puppy and I always looked through the catalogs. Then our Grandma went to the store with her friend and ordered us a doll. We were so surprised!!
2. What is your goal for your blog?
My goal is to make this a fun and safe place for girls to have fun with their dolls.
3. Saige or MAG #61?
4. Favorite photostory series you have ever made?
I really have no favorite.
5. How many followers do you have?
16 Followers. 13 Google+ followers.
Thank you for the best blogging experience of my life and I hope you all will stay with me in my next blog.


  1. Oh no!!! I will miss you so much. But I will go on your new blog :)

  2. Best wishes on your new endeavor! I know you'll be great with your crafting blog.

  3. I hope you know that we'll all miss you! I'll take a look at your new blog :)


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